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Who wouldn’t want to help other people?
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You won’t find the most important things on our site, but YOU are the MOST IMPORTANT ON our site.

Have you been able to convince yourself of our products and are you totally enthusiastic about them?

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Changes increasingly determine our lives.
The chance to work online and offline opens up completely new perspectives.

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We offer you the most innovative, the most pleasant smelling product in a unique high quality and in top design, and you show the world your smile when you tell your friends, acquaintances and all other people about it and infect them with your enthusiasm.

Not only do we provide you with a great salary plan. Additionally you’ll have a great support team by your side that is committed to your success.

Every journey starts with a first step.
Do it right now and register for free and without obligation.

Marcel Zwanzig

Managing Director of WHAT I NEED ideas & solutions GmbH


Important FAQ about our affiliate program

Earnings plan

We at JULIE CommeLaVie have decided to make the earnings plan as simple as possible for everyone to understand.

There are 6 levels in total.

Partner A gives partner B his affiliate link and partner B registers. This means that he is automatically on the 1st level of partner A. If partner B buys in, partner A receives a 22% commission.
Partner B is now enrolling an interested party, partner C. Partner C is shopping in the shop. Partner B now receives 22% commission and partner A receives 9% commission.
Partner C now enrolls partner D. Partner D buys in the shop. Partner C now receives 22% commission, partner B receives 9% commission, partner A receives 7% commission.
This continues up to the 6th level with 4% commission in the 4th level, 3% commission in the 5th level and 2.5% for the 6th level.

Permanent income

With our subscription model you can generate a regular income as an affiliate partner! For example, you can earn € 7.91 per month on every soap subscription with just one partner in the 6th level. Imagine, with one product that everyone needs every month, you have 10 or even 100 people on your team!


We currently pay your commission once a month, on the 15th of the month, to your account by transfer. Therefore you will receive an email, where you can enter all your data for a payout on a special page.

Cookie runtime

If someone reaches the JULIE-COMMELAVIE page through the link, you sent, a cookie is automatically set. This remains valid for 365 days. So if your prospect later decides to buy something or to become a partner, this will always be your new partner within the 365 days after clicking on your link!

If your prospect clicks on a link from another partner, the last link clicked always counts. In this way, those who have made more efforts to find a new partner are rewarded. In this case, the first cookie set is overwritten and the link last clicked counts.

Lifelong earnings

As soon as a new partner has registered with your link and he should only buy something later (even after 2 or 5 years), it is still your earnings. The partner remains your direct or indirect partner from the 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th or 6th level for life.

Do I get commissions for my own purchases?

No, you only receive commissions when buying a partner up to the 6th level.

As an affiliate partner, do I have to buy something myself?

To be an affiliate partner, you don’t have to buy anything yourself. We only recommend it to you. Because nothing sells easier than such an ingenious product, if you can smell or feel it yourself.

Are there any restrictions for certain countries?

We currently deliver to all of Europe. This means, that anyone who lives within Europe, can also become an affiliate partner.

I have my own shop and I want to sell the soaps

No problem! We can deliver larger quantities very quickly. To negotiate special conditions, contact us using the contact form or by phone. We will then clarify everything else together.

I have a customer with a shop or a bulk buyer

Of course you should be rewarded for it! Please contact our team, either using the contact form or by phone.

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