​WHAT I NEED ideas & solutions GmbH

We designed the JULIE range of natural soaps – Comme la Vie product line for connoisseurs with a zest for life. If you wish to enjoy body care as never before, then try our handmade soaps, traditionally handmade. We pay attention to the needs of people and nature. At the same time, we try to always go one step further and always be that little bit better. You can see that in the quality of our products.

JULIE – Comme la Vie is the new brand of WHAT I NEED ideas & solutions GmbH. WHAT I NEED is an innovative start-up that is always looking for new and exciting products that can enrich your life. These products cover different areas of life. Our product scouts are always on the lookout for more pearls to expand our portfolio.

A perfect bar of soap?

In our opinion, a perfect bar of soap can withstand the elements, it will lather like a dream and leave your body feeling soft and nourished. It will remind you of mountains, forests, sand dunes and lashing winds. A perfect bar of soap is safe to use in the environment and does wonders for your skin. It scrubs away the ordinary so you can experience a truly natural wash.


How’s it made?

Our soaps are made using a traditional cold process method. First, we combine our plant fats with a lye solution. We then slowly, and very precisely add our clays, exfoliants and essential oils until they start to form a soapy batter. We then pour our batter into handmade wooden slabs and wait a couple of days for the soap to set. Once the batter has hardened and turned into a big block of soap, we then cut the individual bars and leave them to cure for 1 month. The soaps are then tested, wrapped and are ready to send out – box fresh. 


Who makes it?

Our soaps are handmade by Ben Mills – a soap maker from Germany. After discovering a love for soap making, We decided to make soaps for ours friends and family. In pursuit of the perfect bar, We signed up to a number of soap formulation courses and with the help of a chemist, was able to develop a range of soaps that were suitable for vegans, people with sensitive skin, and those who love the Great Outdoors.

Julie is your perfect companion if you want more than just a a soap.